Word Cross Puzzle App Reviews

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While I really do enjoy this game, they need to update the dictionary or make legitimate words be added to their database. “gay” for example is not a word in this game! There are others also


Worst game ever. Do not download. You go for bonus points, watch the video, it kicks you off each time. Just playing the game it freezes. Not worth it!!!


This game is so addictive and fun, fun, fun! I’ve gone as far as I can with over 18,000 coins left to use toward hints. Thank you. Sorry you ran out of words. Lol

Word Cross

What a gyp! I was at the over-500 level, with over 57,000 money points saved. When I came home today after shopping, my bonus points were down to 28,000! A computer game that cheats. Who would have guessed...


This is a fun game to play

Love it!

I love playing this a Game and play it constantly. I feel that it is not only super fun but is so good for my brain!!!


I play a lot before I go to sleep, as I’m laying in bed. I keep saying “just one more game” and before I know it an hour has gone by. Love this game. I got over 10,000 points and got a new phone and had to start over again, boohoo. Only wish they would give extra points for the harder ones they throw in there. If they are going to tell you it’s a difficult one, they should give you points for completing.

It's okay

It is not.as fun as the ad makes it look

False advertisement

But it’s still a real good game....the advertisement was you had a bar and then you would slide it to the correct bar word it looked fun but it’s just a rip off


The add isn't even what the game is totally different I would suggest always looking at the adds in games

I can’t stop playing!!

I love this game!! Best word game ever!!

A fun diversion

Easy to learn and fun

Ads don’t always give a reward

A couple of the repeat ads do not give a reward... and those ads are always popping up.

Mrs in Florida

Had a lot of fun....play every day

Not happy!

Game freezes every time you complete a level & watch a video for extra points. It’s happened 3 times in a row. This game is being deleted.

I couldn’t stop playing until I finished

I’m a massive, expert-level crossword fan and also enjoy Scrabble (though not a fanatic there) and found this game very enjoyable, calling on skills and challenges that come up in both games. The game play is smooth, the puzzles come in a variety of shapes, sizes and levels of difficulty (hardest and biggest being my favorite), and the inclusion of bonus points for off-board words and means to get hints is great. While the app is ad-supported, I found the ads generally less annoying than in other games. As final testimony to how much I enjoyed this game, I will mention that I passed through ALL 2100 levels, and received a message that I’m done with the game for now, until if and when more levels are added.


I kept seeing these word games with stick figures so I finally broke done and said fine, I’ll download it but, when I opened the app it was a COMPLETELY different game I don’t mind the game but it’s like so many other games on the App Store but you didn’t need to falsely advertise your app

Cross Words

I love this game! It is addictive!

Rip off sponsor

I patronized one of their sponsors and never received what I paid for. Neyman Shop ripped me off! No response from the game app! 👎🏻👎🏻

Great but

Video bonus and clues worked first two days then it’s like they were turned off you can watch them till your blue in the face Sometimes they work mostly don’t other then that run game no problems

Could Be a Great Game

Good game but I can’t handle all the advertisements. I would gladly pay a fee for this game if the advertisements were eliminated.

The game lied

On a trailer for this game, it was a black caterpillar and you choose the correct words and stuff. I downloaded the game and it was totally different!!!


Fine word game that starts out easy, and soon is totally absorbing. I recommend it highly!

So much fun!

Omg! This game is so much fun an so difficult! I got it today and already really good at it. I would definitely recommend this app!😊

Word Cross

I love this game it sharpens my spelling and I nice way to relax while watching TV and being with hubby

Too many ads

Have to watch an ad (varying in length from 5 seconds to 60 seconds) between every level. Sometimes 2 ads in a row. A lot of repetitive ads. To get free coins you watch more ads but sometimes you don’t receive the coins. A lot of glitches as of late. Used to be fun but very frustrating now. (1000 levels later)

Nice game too many ads

This is a fun easy game to play. The major drawback is there are too many freaking ads! This distracts from the gameplay. Would like the option to pay to stop the ads

Not What Advertised

This game is okay but it’s not what was advertised on a previous game. They showed someone finding words while two stick men tried to avoid being killed. This is just finding words with tiles. Disappointing.

Not game that was advertised

I watched an add that looked fun but when I downloaded the app I did not get what was in the add very disappointed


I thought I was getting a word search game while saving cute little people from the spikes... and it says “4+” with an ad like that? And people are saying there were porn ads. “4+”... 4+?! THIS IS SUCH A BAD GAME! ARE YOU CRAZY?! I HOPE YOU GO TO JAIL!!!

Lock Up

This is third time this app has locked up and will not open. Once this app happen, I can’t open this game. Plus, I cannot re-load the software to start game again. I finally deleted this app. Unable to play this word cross app. I have downloaded this app four times, still locking up!


I wanted to play the game that is advertised, with the 2 figures running back and forth. That’s not what is downloaded.


The game is awesome so addicting and fun!

Word Cross is great

Addictive very addicting. Love it!!!!

Mind refreshing!

Enjoy playing for hours!


Fun game. No problems or hang ups. Nice to find a game to keep my mind active. I recommend this.

Getting annoyed!

I’m over a thousand plays in this game and now it won’t let me play. Says I need to sign in and it still doesn’t come up! Really would like to get back to playing this game.

Great game

Enjoy this game very much!

Won’t work after last update.

After the June 20 update I can no longer play my game. It wants my Apple ID (which was never required before) but won’t take it and shuts off. Frustrating because my score was pretty high and it had become a real challenge. If the next update doesn’t fix it I’ll just delete and make note of this game distributor as not being worth the time. Let’s hope I don’t have to.

Word cross puzzle

I love playing this game with friends and family sometimes when writing a word the game will not put the words up but the game Is good for our brain so look in to the game


GREAT GAME TONS OF FUN FOR THR WHOLE FAMILY!!! Me and my workers have competitions with it! Just love it!!!!

Cross words

Very challenging as you get into the higher levels. It is extremely addictive.

Word cross

For some reason, the game is freezing up and closes. Very disappointing


Too many ads and they are so long. Going to delete. You spend more time watching ads then playing the game.

Deceptive advertising

The ad that I tapped to download this game showed two stick figure dudes slowly being crushed by a wall of spikes coming from above. The only way to save them was to select the words from the lines of letters. The game that I am playing is nothing like that. It’s your standard, run of the mill fill in the crossword by making words with the letters provided. The same game that’s been done a million times before. Very disappointing. Oh, also, the first thing it asked for was my iTunes log in. Absolutely not.

Something is seriously wrong

I really love this game but ever since the most recent update, every time I try to open it to play I am asked to sign in to the App Store and for the first few days I would cancel that and the game would load. Now, however, even if I log in as requested the game shuts down and I cannot play. Occasionally it will open and look like I can play but as soon as I touch the screen it shuts down again and goes back to the home screen. I am hoping by typing this the developer will look at it and see what went wrong with the update

Fun game, but app has some issues.

Very fun game, but has some problems. App crashes A LOT. Also continuously prompts me to sign into iTunes and crashes when the prompt appears. Needs to be fixed ASAP. It’s very annoying.


Thanks for the update. I can play again.


Every time I leave this game. And come back. It keeps making m sign into it.it never use to do that before. It’s a pain. No other game does this. I only sign in to download or to buy. So until u fix this I gotta delete this game. You will get one star because you won’t let me send it. And you should change that as well. If the game has a problem. U must address it. One thing no matter what wrong. If I buy coins that part works. Because you making money. Well I feel like you don’t care 🤷‍♀️ and forcing me to rate. Right now I don’t want to give u any stars. Deleting the game

Working fine

Now, it is working well without crashings Thanks

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