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Not the game in the ad

Ugh! Don’t advertise a fun looking new game and then when it is downloaded it the same old word swipe game. Very disappointed.

Fun but actually quite easy

OK if you like word find using 5 letters, but it gets old pretty quick. And you will find there’s way Way WAY too many ads¡

Loving it

I love this game


I’ve got over 7,000 in coins (cash, whatever) am up to level 200 & the game is frozen solid. Tried leaving it for a few hours, then overnight & no dice. Have enjoyed the game thus far, but HELP!!!

word cross puzzle

loving it so far

Word cross puzzle

I would of gave it a five star, but it plays too many commercials and you are forced to watch, I don’t like games that need up the flow of you playing and I’m not going to pay to stop the adds, I’ll delete the game first it is getting very frustrating 😡

Change the lenguaje please

How change the lenguaje?

Too easy

This game is a bit addictive, but there is little variation in levels and they don’t get noticeably more difficult. Great way to kill some time but not at all challenging.

Not as advertised

Downloaded because an ad showed a screen of letters where you found words as it scrolled. That looked like fun. This game is just like a lot of others in that you fill a grid by swiping letters. Nothing special and pretty boring. Deleting.

I saw an add for this game and it wasn’t what I wanted

I was playing another game when an add for this app popped up. It showed a scrolling screen with a a word search style screen disappearing into the line above and an animated finger picking out words. I was genuinely interested in this game and I often download free games based on their ads, and I was prepared for this style of game. I was sorely disappointed when I received a knock-off game I don’t even find interesting. A disappointment.

False Advertising

This game popped up as an ad during another game I was playing. The ad showed a word find game where you swipe to highlight any words that you can find. Meanwhile the whole puzzle is moving up so you need to be quick. Looked challenging and fun. I downloaded the game only to find it’s the same word spelling game I’ve seen 100 times and nothing like the commercial I had just watched. What the heck???????

Enjoy it like mee

Ohhhh this great, especially while at work while listening to blah blah talk on phone lol

Fun and fast

This is fun and I like that it can be played really fast.


Game is fun but you should be able to change the language just saying

Great Game!

It starts easy with five letters, then six, then seven. Helps you with your vocabulary. Maybe a link to a dictionary might be useful to someone not familiar with a word.

Word cross

I love this game it's very relaxing I can't stop playing it


I was playing another game when your ad for this game popped up, it looked interesting so I downloaded the app. However the game that had entice me was nowhere to be found....How many words can you find swiping .... and no I’m not going to play a certain amount of levels to find that game.

Love it!

I cannot put this game down. It’s challenging and really stimulates your brain. A nice change from crosswords, too.

Word cross

It’s a fun game and pass the time away. In fact I get busy with the game and forget the time.

Amazing game

The best game in the world to learn and have a great fun at the same time ..... Good job guys ...


Great game better if difficulty increased please make more levels


Fun, but some of the terms are not words, so “word” cross is a misnomer.

When I changed my goals.....

.....the game got really great and I made it to level 587 or so and met my coin goal of over 10,000 before I got the beloved blank 📺 I hope some day you ad more levels! It would certainly tempt me to start all over again!


This game allows my grandchildren to expand their vocabulary

Great game, I can't stop playing!

Very addicting!

Great game

It is really hard to put this game away after only a few games. This is also great stimulation and exercises fir your mind while having fun!


While I really do enjoy this game, they need to update the dictionary or make legitimate words be added to their database. “gay” for example is not a word in this game! There are others also


Worst game ever. Do not download. You go for bonus points, watch the video, it kicks you off each time. Just playing the game it freezes. Not worth it!!!


This game is so addictive and fun, fun, fun! I’ve gone as far as I can with over 18,000 coins left to use toward hints. Thank you. Sorry you ran out of words. Lol

Word Cross

What a gyp! I was at the over-500 level, with over 57,000 money points saved. When I came home today after shopping, my bonus points were down to 28,000! A computer game that cheats. Who would have guessed...


This is a fun game to play

Love it!

I love playing this a Game and play it constantly. I feel that it is not only super fun but is so good for my brain!!!


I play a lot before I go to sleep, as I’m laying in bed. I keep saying “just one more game” and before I know it an hour has gone by. Love this game. I got over 10,000 points and got a new phone and had to start over again, boohoo. Only wish they would give extra points for the harder ones they throw in there. If they are going to tell you it’s a difficult one, they should give you points for completing.

It's okay

It is not.as fun as the ad makes it look

False advertisement

But it’s still a real good game....the advertisement was you had a bar and then you would slide it to the correct bar word it looked fun but it’s just a rip off


The add isn't even what the game is totally different I would suggest always looking at the adds in games

I can’t stop playing!!

I love this game!! Best word game ever!!

A fun diversion

Easy to learn and fun

Ads don’t always give a reward

A couple of the repeat ads do not give a reward... and those ads are always popping up.

Mrs in Florida

Had a lot of fun....play every day

Not happy!

Game freezes every time you complete a level & watch a video for extra points. It’s happened 3 times in a row. This game is being deleted.

I couldn’t stop playing until I finished

I’m a massive, expert-level crossword fan and also enjoy Scrabble (though not a fanatic there) and found this game very enjoyable, calling on skills and challenges that come up in both games. The game play is smooth, the puzzles come in a variety of shapes, sizes and levels of difficulty (hardest and biggest being my favorite), and the inclusion of bonus points for off-board words and means to get hints is great. While the app is ad-supported, I found the ads generally less annoying than in other games. As final testimony to how much I enjoyed this game, I will mention that I passed through ALL 2100 levels, and received a message that I’m done with the game for now, until if and when more levels are added.


I kept seeing these word games with stick figures so I finally broke done and said fine, I’ll download it but, when I opened the app it was a COMPLETELY different game I don’t mind the game but it’s like so many other games on the App Store but you didn’t need to falsely advertise your app

Cross Words

I love this game! It is addictive!

Rip off sponsor

I patronized one of their sponsors and never received what I paid for. Neyman Shop ripped me off! No response from the game app! 👎🏻👎🏻

Great but

Video bonus and clues worked first two days then it’s like they were turned off you can watch them till your blue in the face Sometimes they work mostly don’t other then that run game no problems

Could Be a Great Game

Good game but I can’t handle all the advertisements. I would gladly pay a fee for this game if the advertisements were eliminated.

The game lied

On a trailer for this game, it was a black caterpillar and you choose the correct words and stuff. I downloaded the game and it was totally different!!!


Fine word game that starts out easy, and soon is totally absorbing. I recommend it highly!

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