Word Cross Puzzle App Reviews

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This game gives me a sense of calm at the end of a hectic day. I like that it isn’t timed. I like that there is no penalty if I make a mistake. I feel challenged, but not overwhelmed. A favorite game!


You need to change your age rating if you display explicit porn ads! 4+ really?!?!?! REALLY?!? This has to be illegal

Love it

Challenging but still easy enough to guess and make words.

I let my boys play

This has helped my 7 and 6 year old boys immensely while having fun.


Very inappropriate advertising. Hope no children are allowed to use it. I Xed out of it.

Porn ads!

Like the game until porn ads starting popping up. Deleted the app.

Better Than Other Word Games

I like this word game the best because as the crossword populate, it is instantly giving you a clue in terms of beginning & ending letters or those in between. Makes it fun to continue instead of having to guess the entire word. Also the hint accumulations are higher. A keeper!

Inappropriate ad

Ad between games was a full frontal nude pornographic film clip. Will NOT play this game again.


This is a great game.


Good for s free game

Fun Game

This game is very addictive. Once you play you can’t stop. It’s not that hard either. I Love playing this game.


I love this game



Cool game

This game is so much fun!!


Their ads show a different game from what it really is. This is a crossword clone, of which there are a million.

Less Ads

The game itself is fun. However, it’s ruined by ads every single level ! So, frustrating! Also, the crossing does not seem to recognize my finger on the screen at times

Just me

So far just started and like it lots. Do have to keep pressing the alphabets to get going


Enjoyed the game but having same problems as mentioned by player ‘Puppy Love’. Moving on also.

Good Game

Pretty cool game.

Word cross puzzle

Love the game. Very addictive.

Needs more challenge

The game doesn’t get harder after lvl 40 and there is no incentive to continue after lvl 150.


Very addictive😍


It's a cool game 🤷🏽‍♀️👌🏾


There are a million and one ads then the game never seems to get harder... at all. It’s repetitively easy.


Great game! It’s fun & easy!! Love it

Awesome game!

It’s fun, also very addicting! I like that you keep collecting coins and you don’t seem to run out of them fast.

Great a Game

Enjoy the game very much, as a senior keeps my mind active.

Love Word Cross!

This game is fun. I had other crossword puzzles and I like this one the best! Very addictive!

Mysterious Player

This game is addictive!! I started yesterday (1/20) and now im on lvl 60!!

You need an innovation

Honestly I think you need an innovation. If you don’t know what that means it basically means a change or something new; an idea. What I think as an idea is bringing up the alphabet and that will probably make pros at level 100 actually get stumped than figuring out the letters spell “CAN” in half a second. I saw a game called “word cookies puzzle” or what not that is basically based off this game or the other’s.

Touch screen not responsive

I do like the the game, but my main frustration is that I usually have to press and hold the first letter to pull it up, sometimes several times. So I have to slide the word over and over again if I try to slide at a normal speed. I’ve played other crosswords and I don’t have this issue. It’s like a delay in the programming. Also, I’m at level 55 and the words are still extremely easy. *After trying to slide the word “send” 4 times and getting “end,” I’m going to have to move on from this app.


I like the crossword nature as hints are built in.


This game was fun until a very graphic video popped up in the middle of the game. It was very pornographic and luckily I had the phone instead of my niece or nephew.

Word cross

This is a great game

No challenge

The game deserves a 1 star rating because it’s redundant, boring, and easy.. not because there are porn ads which there are not. I played the first 100 levels and I’m assuming people are talking about the ads for the game “choices” which have sexual innuendos however the game is an animated teen game. As for porn ads... well I’m waiting for it.. maybe it will make the game less boring haha

The Ad for this game was misleading

Thought this was going to be a word search game. Disappointed.


The ads are porn! My minor child just saw porn and you should be held accountable!! Nowhere does it state that this game is adults only!! Exposing a child to porn is ILLEGAL!


When I was playing this game after the 74-79 level an ad popped up. This was NOT the usual game app ad. This ad was PORN! I pushed it off up until I kept playing and it popped up again mid game!


Very good game


Downloaded this under the pretense that it was a word search not a crossword.

Explicit advertising

I enjoyed playing the game, although the ads are intrusive and show up every time you load a new board. However I was upset to see some very explicit ads among the typical game ads that I am pretty used to. I could not close the explicit video until it had completely played.

Fun game

Love playing!

Great Fun!!!

Great way to use your mind

Shameful advertising!!!

The game MAY have been fun, but the advertisement that popped up was ‘XX’ rated ... Highly inappropriate. Shame on you!!!

About the game

I like to to play word games so that’s why I got this game

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