Word Cross Puzzle App Reviews

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If I could I would rate 0

WOW what a HORRIBLE game!!!! I would actually LIKE it if it were like like the DANK ADD I SAW!!! IDIOTS!

Not the right app

On the ad i saw this was a word search bot when i downloaded it was a completely different thing

Helps time pass

Helps time pass off... also puts mind to work


Ads! Really???? A two minute and 15 second ad with no way to escape out of it! You can have this game! Not worth that to sit through the ads!

Fun game

Fun game, some words are a bit strange to me but I do enjoy playing. Sometimes first letter not picked up unless you tap it more than once and then slide to remaining letters is fine.


Love love love the app! Great time killer! Increasing my brain efficiency! ❤️

Word cross

Fun and exciting game and I love to challenge myself


So far this game is fun !

Word cross

Hi i am enjoying playing this game, i would liketo get rid of the ads. how can i purchase word cross or can i? have a nice day, thsnk you! sincerely, liz

Very fun

A great word game to pass the time

Love the app!

This is simple to use and doesn’t have a lot of other things going on. I’m going on 82 years old and it keeps my mind sharp. It’s good for my great grandchildren too.

Fun and Challenging!!

I love it! Great to improve your memory, for it does challenge your vocabulary. No problems with the app...I find this t addicting...


Love this game it is addicting but very fun uses your brain and that's good.


Really entertaining


Good game, but had to use hints because the letters wouldn’t move on the screen

AAAAHHH! The ads!

Love the game, but the ads are driving me nuts & no way to get rid of them! Most games give an option to buy out of them!

Too Easy

Game was too easy. Finished the first 50 levels without much thought at all. The hard levels were not hard at all. Ads were too much after you complete level 20. They showed up after playing every 2 boards, too much.


I am on level 99 and really like this one. So far there are only five letters to use, and none of the words are too hard to figure out. Only used hints 3 times.

Rd cross puzzle

Keeps my mind alive


I have MS and on disability. Word games like this one are good for my memory and spelling. This is a good tool for me.


Fun and challenging

Love it!

This game is amazing and so addictive. I saw the ad for it and I was like yes I’ll download it.


Passes the time. Me and my granddaughter play together she loves finding the words

Not what was depicted in App Store.

I have attempted three times to install the game where the tiles drop down to make words and you highlight the word to make them go away. Word Charm, Word Crossy and now this one. Beware not what is portrayed in App Store.

Too Many Ads

This game would be a lot more fun if you didn’t have to watch video ads between each level. You spend the same amount of watching ads you do playing the game... since I can’t find an ad free version this game gets deleted!


I downloaded Word Crossy, Word Charm and this one. In each case it was not the game advertised and they are all three the same game by We Play. Not sure what the scam is yet but this is very misleading. Avoid this one, I have already deleted them from my ipad. Sick of dishonesty in marketing and advertising.


The continuous pulsating extra button is distracting. There is no money to collect here. Plays a video


I’m at level hmm 300 maybe and I haven’t encountered a porn ad. What I do have issue with is the words are redundant. Its? That word is used way too often. And you said gay is not a word/unacceptable as extra words? I almost deleted your app but decided to give you feedback to see if you’d improve and accept words that are ACTUAL words and not what you would like to see in your dictionary.

Very Very Addictive!!

Nice not to be bothered as much by persistent purchase requests!

So far good!!

I just started like 10 minutes ago. I’ll edit this in a day or so and let you know what I tho k then.

In love

Great Game keeps my mind active


It’s in my “time wasters” category. Keeps my attention and keeps my mind active.

Fun game

The dragging is a little hard to work, but overall a fun game.

Calming and fun

Easy, calming and fun.


I just found this little gem. Love it already. Very relaxing and fun.

Number 1 crossword puzzle

Every word I know is definitely simple for fun and addicting at the same time!!!

Great game

Game is awesome especially for passing time

Better touch response needed.

Having to take extra (slow) care when swiping because most the time it doesn't acknowledge what letter order I'm swiping. Can take several attempts. Very annoying as is EVERY time I pass a level I get a pop up add.


So every level takes a minute or less so when I have to watch a 5-10 second NOISY ad between every 1-3 levels it's terrible. And in a quiet room, forget it. I'm deleting it.

Great game!

No complaints here

Addicting game.

I enjoy word games and this is a new favorite of mine. I especially like the level and chapter completion levels. It allows you to run through a series and a gives you a logical place to stop. A few words are questionable as far as being legitimate words, but they aren't too outrageous. Definitely a game worth checking out.

Fun Game

Very thought provoking. No troubles playing on my android phone or I -Pad.


Love the game. Not too challenging. Fun to play after a long day to unwind.

Word cross

I DO NOT recommend this app. I received pop up porn on it. I was NOT amused!


This game gives me a sense of calm at the end of a hectic day. I like that it isn’t timed. I like that there is no penalty if I make a mistake. I feel challenged, but not overwhelmed. A favorite game!


You need to change your age rating if you display explicit porn ads! 4+ really?!?!?! REALLY?!? This has to be illegal

Love it

Challenging but still easy enough to guess and make words.

I let my boys play

This has helped my 7 and 6 year old boys immensely while having fun.


Very inappropriate advertising. Hope no children are allowed to use it. I Xed out of it.

Porn ads!

Like the game until porn ads starting popping up. Deleted the app.

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